How to Care for a Tree During Winter

Trees become dormant during the winter season, but this does not mean, they cannot be affected by the elements. Exposure to the cold temperature and harsh weather may affect the possibility of survival for the tree. As such, we came up with the following measures to put in place to prepare your tree for the winter season and also care for it.

Tips for Tree Care During Winter

Remove snow from branches

Light snow on the tree branch does not cause much damage. However, if it is in large amounts, or piled onto the branches of a tree, it can lead to breakage. Be careful not to shake off the snow from the tree branch like this, in turn, can also lead to it snapping as branches are particularly brittle during the winter period.
You can make use of a broom or your hand to gently sweep away the compiled snow. It is essential to consistently monitor the evergreen trees as they are susceptible to snow piles due to their needles.

Get a tree wrap

Thin-barked trees, newly planted trees, and young trees are prone to sunscald. Sunscald is winter damage that causes the bark of the tree to dry and crack. During winter, the sun heats up the tree bark to the point where tissues that produce the growth of stem and roots are stimulated. When the sun gets blocked by a cloud or building, the bark temperature drops at a fast rate thereby killing the active tissues and leading to sunscald.

To prevent this, we recommend that you get a tree wrap for winter to protect the susceptible trees. Burlap tree wraps can be bought online or your local home depot and if you need help in using it reach out to us at Boss Tree Service Springfield IL.

Do not let rock salt touch the tree

Rock salt is used to melt ice and snow on the roads. The sodium chloride when it comes in contact with shrubs and trees can have a negative impact. How? Well, when the rock salt enters the soil, water is pulled out from the tree which then leads to dehydration.

The same thing also applies to rock salt in the air as it can coat branches and buds thereby pulling out the water. If you need to use any form of salt to get rid of snow in your driveway, magnesium chloride is preferable. If you cannot control the exposure of your tree to sodium chloride, then make sure the tree is regularly watered.

Get tree trimming done​

Can trees be trimmed during the winter season? The answer is yes! As a matter of fact, the winter season which happens to be the dormant period for trees is the best time to get trimming done.

The dead branches of a tree and structural issues it has can easily be identified during the winter months as this is the time where leaves are few. To learn more about tree trimming and other measures you can take to protect your tree during winter, contact us at Boss Tree Service Springfield IL.

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