How to Prevent Trees from Growing Through Your Fence

If you have a tree in your yard or your neighbor has a tree located close to your fence, then you might be worried about the possibility of the tree growing through it.

One thing you ought to know about trees is that the go in whatever direction nutrients can be found. So, if it is a case of sunlight or water, the tree is bound to adjust to gain the best nutrients. If your fence happens to be in the way, then it might end up getting damaged.

Of course, specific measures can be taken to prevent these. We have enlisted 4 of the best methods below:

Place Mulch Around Your Fence

A wrong assumption by homeowners is that mulch can only be useful on flowerbeds. Well, there is no denying the truth in that but, mulch has more application option than you imagine. With the presence of mulch around the perimeter of your fence, plants and trees are prevented from growing. The layer of mulch does not have to be thick as a thin line covering the soil is enough to discourage the emergence of new trees.

Maintain Clearance Around the Fence

Another way to prevent the damage of your fence by an errantly growing tree is to establish a reasonable amount of space between your fence and anything that grows. A distance of at least 3 feet around the fence should be suitable enough. If you notice a weed, sapling or bush emerging, clear it away before it grows to the point where it can cause damage.

Trim Branches

If you notice that your tree has branches that are growing too close to the fence, then take a preventive step to ensure they do not cause any damage. You can hire expert tree trimming services from Tree Service Springfield IL or take a trimmer to the tree yourself. Wasting time to see if the tree branch would actually cause any damage poses a higher risk to your safety as well s the structural integrity of your fence.

Cut off Hanging Branches

Fences can also suffer damage due to fallen branches. Once an overhanging branch of a tree falls, the possible damage will cost more to fix. Therefore, continuously monitor the branches of the trees to ensure that there is no risk of it falling. If you notice any, get it removed immediately or call an expert.


There are different types of fences from wood to chain to aluminum but all options cost money to build. With the effective use of the tips provided above, you can avoid having to pay for the costs of new installation, repairs or replacements to the fence. From mulching, clearance to the trimming of branches, these preventive methods are bound to save you money.

However, if you find that your tree needs are more demanding contact us at Tree Service Springfield IL. We offer tree trimming, pruning, planting and removal services. Contact us today.

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