Land Clearing

Land clearing is a process that involves removing trees, shrubs, and bushes to clear a small, medium, or large space. There are many reasons to have a land clearing service performed, from needing space for a home addition or to simply clear a place in your yard. Land clearing can be done at residential or commercial properties, and there are several different types of services, all with certain benefits of their own.

Reasons for Land Clearing

Whether you are looking for a small residential service or a long-term, large-scale commercial project, there are many reasons to hire a land clearing service.

Landscape Management

If you want your yard or commercial property to look nice, you may benefit from contracting a land clearing service to remove trees, stones, bushes, and shrubs to make space for something more aesthetic. On a commercial property, you may need to clear the land to make space for a parking lot or a better-looking planter. Your personal yard may benefit from land clearing because it can open up space in an otherwise cramped outdoor area. This might allow you to put together a garden or other place for entertaining.

Agricultural Land Clearing

Farmers often hire land clearing services in order to open up space for their crops. Trees, rocks, and bushes can often impede the growth of new crops, so they must be cleared out to make space for more fertile land. Usually these types of services are done by large-scale land clearing companies with heavy machinery.


Whether you are breaking ground on new construction or simply building an addition for your home, land clearing services may be necessary to make this possible. If there are trees or other vegetation in your way, you will need to get rid of them before you can begin construction. It is vital to have a properly cleared space in order to start putting your structures together.

Forest Management

In some cases, local city governments will hire land clearing services in order to take down parts of forests that have become overgrown or intrusive. While it is important to have green areas in any community, land clearing services can help keep them under control and even make sure that they are healthier and more environmentally friendly by getting rid of wasteful excess.

Benefits of Land Clearing

Promote Development

Land that is cleared can help to promote development in both residential and commercial areas. This can be very helpful for the economy of local communities.

Fire Safety

Clearing land in certain dry, wild areas can greatly reduce the risk of wildfires. When dead and dry vegetation are taken out of the equation, it is far less likely that a blaze will be able to spread and create devastating effects.

Protecting Land

While it may seem counter intuitive, land clearing actually helps to protect land and wildlife. When certain natural structures get too far out of control, they can actually hurt the environment around them, and then will need to be taken down by less friendly methods.

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