If you are considering hiring someone to remove a tree stump, trim your trees or clean up storm damages; look no further than The Tree Boss Service in Springfield, IL. With a team of expertly trained arborists, we’re able to effectively take care of your tree care needs. You may know that having trees on your property is an asset but do you know that they can also become a liability? This should be of particular concern to a commercial business owner. If you don’t want to be liable for harm due to a tree on your property, give us a call to schedule routine maintenance of your trees. Homeowners that wish to protect their home and loved ones should also contact us to take advantage of our tree care services. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your safety; call us today.

Even though there may be other tree services in Springfield, you should know that the only one that you can always count on to be there when you need them is The Boss Tree Service. We have earned our reputation by being the best and most efficient tree service in the area. Since we have been around for so long, we have been able to assist thousands of people with their tree care needs. If you’re worried about throwing away your hard earned money, this is something you won’t have to worry about when you receive our services.

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