Stump Removal

The next time you walk past the tree stump that has been sitting in your front or backyard, consider contacting us at The Boss Tree Service to remove it for you. If it has become a problem for you to have this in your yard, we will be able to remove it for you in no time. Many homeowners have something else that they would like to do with the land that this stump is sitting on but they can’t because it is in the way. We can certainly understand why anyone would want to have a tree stump removed and we’re here to handle it for you. If there are several stumps that need to be removed, you have certainly come to the right place, The Boss Tree Service. We have the right equipment to successfully handle the job for you. You’ll have your entire yard back in no time once you contact us to handle the job of removing your stump.

How We Remove Stumps

When our experts remove your stump, they will remove the root, excavate, de-stump, and mulch the area. We are able to provide you with a suitable quote that fits your budget. Why not call us today to find out just how much it will cost to have several stumps removed from your property. We’ll come to an arrangement that will work for you so that we do not make the process any more stressful than it has to be. The agreement will be mutually beneficial, this you can be sure of. Keep in mind that tree stumps can be infested and this is the last thing that you want to be concerned with because it could begin to affect your lawn. Call us today to schedule your stump removal today.

Grinding Stumps

Believe it or not, you can actually benefit from the stump that has been left behind. We have grinding material that will help us grind your tree so that you can use the chips for something useful. Many of our customers will use the mulch or wood chips in their landscaping. This isn’t a bad way to get more for your money. Our arborists will need to determine the type of grinder that should be used so that you can benefit from what is left behind. With years of industry experience, you can trust that our arborists will be able to satisfy your needs.

Why Choose The Boss Tree Service

We are a tree care service that takes our time to make sure that the job is done right the first time. When you want your tree stump removed, we remove the entire thing. You won’t have to worry about any trace of it being left behind. At The Boss Tree Service, you are able to receive complete stump removal services. An assessment of the job is performed prior to removal of the stumps, along with a written estimate of how much it will cost to perform the job.

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