7 Things to Do in Springfield, IL

Springfield, IL is a must visit location for history buffs and all tourists alike. Not only was it once the home of Abraham Lincoln before his presidency, but it is also where he and his wife are buried. So, if you are interested in visiting this location, why not take a look at our roundup of some of the things you ought to engage in during your stay, who knows, you might end up liking it so much you decide to relocate.

Things to Do in Springfield, IL

Take a Walk-Through Washington Park Botanical Garden

With free admission all year round, the Washington Park Botanical Garden is one of the top attractions in Illinois. It has a 9000 sq. Ft indoor greenhouse with a host of warm climate plants and also features 1,800 species of outdoor plants spread on its 20 acres of land. The garden also showcases specialty exhibits which highlight specific species of plants during the year.

Get a Hotdog at the Cozy Dog Drive In

Ever heard of a Cozy Dog? Well, located in Springfield Illinois on Route 66 is a drive in that serves this specialty. Basically, this hot dog on a stick is a significant feature of nationwide county and state fairs.
With a particular recipe created by former military man Ed Waldmire, Jr, this dive in is a long-standing representation of the history of Springfield. It has been around since the year 1949, and the current building which was constructed in 1996 is next door to the original location.

Eat at Engrained Brewery & Restaurant

Want farm to table food and delicious beer? Then make sure you find a way to stop over at the Engrained Brewery & Restaurant. Since the grand opening of the restaurant in the year 2013, this establishment has managed to worm its way into the heart of tourists and locals alike.

The menu is seasonal in nature, and the beer is brewed onsite. The restaurant is also environmentally conscious so if you are looking for a way to increase your awareness of environmental sustainability, then take a look at the restaurant’s guide.

Learn About History at the Illinois State Museum

The Illinois State Museum is the city’s official natural history museum. Although there are other locations in Lockport and Dickson Mounds, Springfield is the headquarters. Apart from first exhibits such as periods in time, Native American life and household objects, the museum also displays local fossils.

An admission fee is charged for entry, but it is waived for veterans and children.

Get a Glimpse of Lincoln’s Life at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site

To begin his career in law, Lincoln moved from New Salem to Springfield. He and his wife purchased a home there in 1844, and now it is being preserved. The house was donated to the state of Illinois in 1887 with the condition that it should be kept well and made open to individuals wanting to visit.

Visit the Lincoln Tomb

President Lincoln’s remains are resting 10ft below the marble floor of his burial chamber within a concrete vault. Apart from him, almost all his immediate family members are buried in the tomb complex. Since the year 1960, the tomb has been a National Historic Landmark.

Take a Look at the Illinois State Capitol

The highest building in Springfield, IL is the State Capitol, and it cost over 4.5 million dollars to be built in the year 1888. The State Capitol building holds the primary chambers for the Illinois Governor, Senate and House of Representatives among other meeting and office spaces.

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